The leading global LOHAS company that realizes the beautiful harmony between humans and nature

On May 12, 1981, a small grocery store opened in Apgujeong-dong in Seoul’s Gangnam area, under the name “Pulmuone Organic Produce Farm Shop.” This shop, where organic produce from Mr. Won Kyung-sun’s Pulmuone Farm and from farmers associated with the Jeongnonghoi (“Just Agricultural Society”) was sold, was Korea’s first organic food store and the birthplace of the Pulmuone Company today. Although it was small, the opening of this shop heralded the launch of a business that was to spread the value of organic farming across Korea. Many years have passed since then. Now, Pulmuone has become one of the most respected companies in Korea as well as the representative global LOHAS company that seeks to promote beautiful harmony between humans and nature.
  • Pulmuone’s freshly pressed sesame oil shop at Hyundai Department Store (Dec., 1985)
  • Groundbreaking ceremony for a GMP certified, dietary supplement factory in Doan, Chungcheongbuk-do Province (Aug., 1991)
  • Natural House Store (June., 1993)
  • Pulmuone’s refrigerated logistics center in Hongeun-dong, Seoul (Aug., 1993)
  • Completion of the Glass Greenhouse Cultivation Laboratory (Apr., 1994)
  • Building completion ceremony for Uiryeong Plant in Gyeongsangnam-do Province (July., 1994)
  • Front view of a Pulmuone company building in Seocho-dong, Seoul (1994)
  • Building completion ceremony for Pulmuone Foods Eumseong Bean Sprouts Plant in Chungcheongbuk-do Province (Apr., 1996)
  • New tofu product launch ceremony (Aug., 1999)
  • Foodmerce foundation general assembly meeting (May, 2000)
  • Reopening of the Kimchi Museum in the COEX Mall in Seoul (May, 2000)
  • Building completion ceremony for the 3rd tofu plant in Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do Province (Apr., 2003)
  • Pulmuone-Nestle Waters mineral water joint venture signing ceremony (Jan., 2004)
  • Opening of ORGA Bangi-dong Store (2009)
  • Completion of Korea’s largest low-temperature automated logistics center in Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do Province (Feb., 2011)
  • Opening of Pulmuone Daycare Center on the 4th floor of Pulmuone headquarters in Suseo-dong, Seoul (Mar., 2014)
  • “Open shareholders’ meeting” held 9 years in a row (Mar., 2016)



May 1981

Pulmuone Organic Produce Farm Shop opened
Pulmuone Organic Food founded

Oct 1982

Pulmuone Organic Food founded

May 1984

Pulmuone Enzyme Food incorporated as Pulmuone Foods Co., Ltd.

Nov 1986

Pulmuone Waters Co., Ltd. founded

Jan 1991

Pulmuone Foods establishes an American subsidiary: Pulmuone USA

Feb 1996

Pulmuone Living Co., Ltd. founded

Aug 1997

Natural Whole Foods Co., Ltd. (later to become ORGA Whole Foods Inc.) founded

Apr 2000

Foodmerce Co., Ltd. founded, launching a food service distribution business

Jul 2000

ECMD Co., Ltd. founded, launching a total food and beverage service business

Oct 2009

Sales revenue of KRW 1 trillion attained

Sep 2010

Shanghai Pumeiduo (Pulmuone) Foods Co., Ltd. founded in China
Establishes Beijing Pumeiduo Green Foods Co., Ltd. in China

Aug 2012

Establishes Danone Pulmuone Co., Ltd.

Dec 2013

Establishes Pulmuone-Kibun Co., Ltd.

Jun 2014

Acquires Asahi Food Processing Co., Ltd.

Mar 2016

Pulmuone USA acquires America’s No. 1 tofu brand from Vitasoy USA

Jan 2018

Adopts professional corporate management, Hyo-yul Lee inaugurated as General CEO

Jan 2018

Pulmuone Foodmerce Co., Ltd establishes GAP center for the first time among food service distributors

May 2018

Pulmuone announces New CI and 7 strategies for global LOHAS company

Jul 2018

Pulmuone Foods establishes fresh natto plant in Goesan

Dec 2018

Pulmuone posts 2018 revenue of KRW 2 trillion 203 billion

Mar 2019

Pulmuone Health&Living splits off into Pulmuone Green Juice and Pulmuone Health&Living

Mar 2019

Hosts Open Shareholders’ Meeting for 12 years in a row

May 2019

Establishes corporate structure of international standard on its 35-year anniversary

May 2019

Pulmuone Foods completes construction of Global Kimchi Plant