Value System

We are a LOHAS company
that cares for humanity and nature.

Over his nearly 100 years of life, farmer Won Kyung-sun continued to
challenge himself to find new ways to create harmony between people and
between humans and nature in order to transcend individual desires.
The Pulmuone spirit began when Mr. Won, a master farmer and conscientious
pacifist who, at the Pulmuone Farm he created, dedicated his life to respecting
neighbors and showing respect for life. Mr. Won went on to promote a world without
war and advocate world peace.

Pulmuone's original spirit of providing " wholesome foods that can be eaten by the entire
family in confidence" has evolved into the spirit of LOHAS that seeks
to promote healthy and happy individuals and families and to protect the
health of the Earth's environment. LOHAS has now become a universal value for the
modern era, sailing into our daily lives like a breath of fresh air.

LOHAS is an acronym for “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability,”
and refers to conscious lifestyles mindful of health and sustainability.
The spirit of Pulmuone is embodied in love for our neighbors and respect for life.

The spirit of love for our neighbors is our desire to produce foods that are safe and
as fresh as what nature has provided for us. This is our promise to you and part of our
determination to produce wholesome foods that can be fed to your family with confidence.

The spirit of respect for life is a mindset that seeks to value and protect nature, the origin
of life, as a way to promote the spirit of love for our neighbors. This is our promise as humans,
to create an environment where even the smallest form of life can live freely. We can live life as
it should be lived only when nature exists in the way it should be.


A LOHAS company that cares for both humans and nature.


Global DP 5
Pulmuone is redefining LOHAS to be more comprehensive and all-embracing,
pursuing business both at home and abroad based on this evolving definition.
Achieving global consolidated revenues of KRW 5 trillion (Global DP 5) is a
prerequisite for the small but robust global company that we hope to become.
Moreover, the figure symbolizes the value of the Pulmuone brand, the pride the Pulmuone
employees feel about Pulmuone, and the scope of influence Pulmuone’s LOHAS philosophy
will create in our daily lives.
*DP: Defining Pulmuone

Core Values

The core value aimed at achieving the missions and vision of Pulmuone is "passion with TISO".
We aim to grow into a world-class LOHAS corporation trusted by consumers in Korea and beyond by
remaining faithful to our core values.
Passion with TISO
  • Trust : Trustworthiness to keep promises and regulations

    Keeping its own promises, abiding by company rules and regulations, respecting human dignity, performing its task with a fair process, and trusting all of interested parties.
    #Fulfillment of Commitments #Respect #Co-existence

  • Integrity : Professional honesty to properly perform tasks

    In accordance with company management philosophy, perform ones job to the best of their ability, with integrity and goodwill, while taking full responsibility for the results.
    #Integrity #Transparency #Responsibility

  • Solidarity : Solidarity that aligns its own task with the value system and goal of the Company

    Participation in the LOHAS lifestyle, which represents the core values of the Company, while aligning our objectives and strategies to these core values for meaningful results.
    #Connection with Values #Consistency in Goals #Community Outreach

  • Openness : Cooperating with an open mind

    Respect for one another, actively work together for a common goal.
    #Recognition of Diversity #Open Communication #Cooperation

  • Passion : Passion for Innovation a growth driver of the company

    Utilizing new business ventures as a way to create customer value.
    #Expertise #Challenge #Innovation

The Attitude of Pulmuone Employees

We serve our customers with the right frame of mind.
We always pursue the best.
We lead healthy lifestyles.