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Pulmuone will make a great leap forward as the “Global No.1 LOHAS Company” through sustainability management.
Pulmuone Integrated Report

Pulmuone Integrated Report is a comprehensive report that includes Pulmuone’s sustainability efforts, principles, activities, and future plans to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This report has been prepared in accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards, a guideline for the preparation of the global sustainability report, and the Integrated Reporting framework. Since the first Sustainability Report was published in 2007, Pulmuone has upgraded it into an Integrated Report that combines financial performances and non-financial activities and performances in 2014. A total of 13 Sustainability Reports (7 reports) and Integrated Reports (6 reports) have been published until now.

2019 Cover Story
of Integrated Report


The cover of 2019 Integrated Report is designed with Pulmuone’s new graphic motif. Each circle of the cover represents the concepts of Right, Sustainable, Healthy, and Diverse.

Part 1. About Pulmuone
Starting with the CEO’s message, it covers the Pulmuone Introduction, History, Business Philosophy, Value System, and Governance.
Part 2. Pulmuone Business Strategy
This part introduces the 7 business strategies, as well as the standards and principles of Pulmuone’s businesses.
Part 3. Pulmuone Activities and Performances in 2019
This part includes the business activities and performances that Pulmuone focused on in 2019.
Part 4. Financial and Non-financial Performance
You can see the financial and non-financial performances that were achieved through Pulmuone’s business activities at a glance. The performance data is provided for 3 years (2017 - 2019) so that you can see the trends for each performance.
Part 5. Network, Business Content, Infra
You can see the status of the domestic/overseas network, business content for each affiliate, and the status of the main production factories and facilities.