Business Activities and Performances

Pulmuone will make a great leap forward as the “Global No.1 LOHAS Company” through sustainability management.
Pulmuone “YalP Mandoo (Korean dumpling)” hits 10 million sales in 2019
얄피만두 얄피만두 3 types of YalP Mandoo

Pulmuone “YalP Mandoo (Korean dumpling)” launched on March 2019 and hit 10 million sales in just 11 months after launch, causing a great shift in the Korean frozen dumpling market. With the incredibly thin 0.7mm skin, YalP Mandoo has the thinnest skin of dumplings in the market. It’s so thin, it’s possible to see dumpling filling with the naked eye. As the dumpling skin is thin but chewy, and isn’t easily torn, you can enjoy it fried, steamed, boiled, or in soup. In addition, the dumpling skin minimizes the part where the dumpling skin is folded, which means that it KRW’t become dry and hard, even when cooked in a microwave or air fryer.

Pulmuone YalP Mandoo’s unique points

  • Innovative thickness of 0.7mm
    Thin but chewy dumpling skin that is not easily torn
  • Innovative 10mm diced pork
    Perfectly fills dumpling with chewy taste
  • Innovative various recipes
    Simple recipes that satisfy the customer’s convenience and palate
편의점 전용 얇은피 꽉찬속 만두 YalP Mandoo for convenience stores

With 500,000 sales in 10 days and 1.2 million sales in a month since the launch of YalP Mandoo, the product showed strong signs of success. Since then, it has sold max 2 million packages in a month with word-of-mouth-sales and hit 10 million sales in about 7 months. YalP Mandoo, which was launched as meat dumplings and kimchi dumplings in March, was released in July for convenience stores due to its popularity among customers. This then led to the launch of “Ddang Cho Mandoo,” which is addictive spicy product, in December.

Changes in the market share of Korea’s frozen dumpling since Pulmuone YalP Mandoo (Korean dumpling) hit 10 million sales


According to data from Nielsen, a market research institute, Pulmuone occupied the fourth position with 10% of the frozen dumpling’s market share in 2018, but in September 2019, it occupied the second position by doubling its market share to 20.8%. Pulmuone will make its utmost efforts to position YalP Mandoo as a Korea’s representative mandoo brand. The company will grow with annual sales of more than 100 billion KRW and spread Korean-style dumplings with thin skin to the global market through overseas exports.

“Pulmuone Golden Fried Rice 200℃,” No. 1 market share of frozen rice in Korea
황금밥알 200℃ 볶음밥 황금밥알 200℃ 볶음밥
Garlic & Shrimp fried rice coated with egg, Pork & Scramble fried rice
Pulmuone launched “Golden Fried Rice 200℃,” which is stir-fried rice full of fiery flavor in August 2019. Golden Fried Rice 200℃ is based on a Chinese restaurant style, which features oil on a large-sized Wok and stir-fry rice, eggs, pork, shrimp, vegetables, etc. to bring out deep flavor and taste that simply wasn’t offered by frozen fried rice before. It is full of “natural fire flavor,” rather than artificial flavor, by quickly being fried in green onion oil at a high temperature of 200℃. Pulmuone’s “egg coating” skill, developed after two years of research, has been implemented by adding egg to each rice grain to enhanced the fried rice taste, contributing to the birth of the “Golden Rice.” “Golden Fried Rice 200℃” was selected as NO.1 in frozen rice market share in the domestic market in October, three months after its launch (according to data from Nielsen). Pulmuone released two types of Golden Fried Rice 200℃: “Garlic & Shrimp” and “Pork & Scramble.” Garlic & Shrimp ranked No.1 in market share in October.
Achieve 75% of US Tofu market share
와일드우드 고단백 두부, 나소야 오가닉 두부
Wildwood High Protein Tofu, Nasoya Organic Tofu
Pulmuone gained an aggregate share of 75 percent of the U.S. tofu market (based on U.S. Nielsen data) in 3Q 2019. Pulmuone entered the U.S. tofu market by acquiring the nation’s top tofu brand Nasoya in 2016 to establish nationwide distribution channels. The U.S. tofu market share owned by Pulmuone Foods USA, according to US Nielsen’s data, increased from 4.9% in 2015 to 69.5% in 2016, recently achieving a 75% of tofu market share. Pulmuone Foods USA’s achievement is due to the growing demand for plant-based protein food and aggressive marketing strategies by Pulmuone Foods USA, going beyond Asian markets and penetrating mainstream scene by launching new tofu products to satisfy the palates of U.S. consumers.
와일드우드 고단백 두부, 나소야 오가닉 두부
Wildwood High Protein Tofu, Nasoya Organic Tofu
Pulmuone’s Kimchi takes market share crown in U.S.
풀무원 김치 미국시장 점유율 1위 달성
Pulmuone’s original Korean Kimchi is ranked No.1 by market share in the U.S. after its debut a year ago. Nielsen announced in August 2019 that Pulmuone Kimchi ranked No.1 and held the largest market share at 40.4% of total kimchi sales in the U.S.’s biggest retailers such as Walmart. Pulmuone, starting from a 0.7 percent market share in September 2018 when the company first entered the U.S. mainstream market, established a market leadership position with 40.4% in only one year, becoming the most-loved Kimchi brand among U.S. consumers. This achievement is also meaningful because it was an outcome after the Korean government has prevented the sale of foreign-made Kimchi that was made in foreign countries but labeled as “KOREA KIMCHI” in the overseas market, thus introducing a “Korean Kimchi labeling system” to promote the exports of Korean Kimchi.

Pulmuone Kimchi unique points

  • Original Korean Kimchi made from Korean cabbage in Korea
  • Development of kimchi that suit American tastes
  • Kimchi’s fermentation science know-how accumulated through operation of the Kimchi Museum
  • Distribution network that covers across the U.S.
썰은김치 매운맛’, ‘썰은김치 순한맛’, ‘깍두기 순한맛’, ‘백김치 “Kimchi Spicy,” “Kimchi Mild,” “Radish Kimchi Mild,” “White Kimchi Mild”