Wholesome Foods Campaign

This campaign promotes the importance of wholesome foods and educates people on healthy eating habits.

Tastes you acquire as a child will last for the rest of your life. Pulmuone believes that promoting the importance of wholesome foods and educating people about healthy eating habits are as important a social responsibility for a food company as actually producing these foods. Our Wholesome Foods Campaign, which started in 2010 as a food labeling education program for elementary school students, has gained strong support since then from teachers and parents and is now expanding to include preschoolers, more elementary school students, and even adults. Moreover, since 2015, LOHAS Dietary Education, imbued with Pulmuone’s LOHAS principle of “What’s good for your health is also good for the environment,” has been added to the campaign, contributing to the expansion of healthy eating culture.

Wholesome Foods Education for Children

어린이 바른먹거리 교육 어린이 바른먹거리 교육

The future of our children lies in wholesome foods.

Fooducators (food + educator), our experts on wholesome foods, visit daycare centers, elementary schools, local children’s centers and provide education on food labeling, nutritional balance, and taste. Education on nutritional balance and food labeling helps these children develop habits and choose foods based on the diverse information on the packaging of processed foods. Taste education, on the other hand, helps them develop a preference for wholesome foods by raising their curiosity about these foods through hands-on experiences that utilize the five senses.

“Natural tastes of wholesome foods . . . .” This is how the lyrics of the Wholesome Food song and dance begin. They were designed as part of our educational curriculum to help children develop healthy and proper eating habits in an easy and interesting way. The song features easy melodies and cheerful rhymes, as well as educational but catchy lyrics. The accompanying dance consists of moves to match the rhythm of the song, such as beating the belly, tapping the hips, and stretching the arms. These fun and popular moves are designed to invigorate the children and help with their digestion and growth.

Since 2010, Pulmuone has held over 2,200 Wholesome Foods Education sessions for some 50,000 preschoolers (ages 4-5) and elementary school students. Our goal is to offer these education sessions to some 100,000 people by 2020, expanding our food education program to become a social movement.

LOHAS Dietary Education

성인 바른먹거리 교육 성인 바른먹거리 교육

LOHAS Dietary Education, which helps people discover that what is healthy is also good for the environment, targets parents and children from low-income families. This is a nutrition education program about how to eat fresh vegetables, protein low in saturated fat, and coarse whole grains in 2:1:1 proportions. Parents are taught a GL Diet (a diet that focuses on lowering glycemic load) regimen that can be easily utilized at home. Children from low-income families, who may find it difficult to have nutritionally balanced meals and are likely to be exposed to processed foods, are taught the LOHAS Diet 2:1:1. Moreover, we support local children’s centers with LOHAS Plates (nutritional balance plates) to help children form balanced eating habits.

Wholesome Foods Online Education

  • on EBS English
  • Wholsome foods Song

Enjoy our Wholesome Foods Education program online! Watch the programs while laughing with your children, and familiarize your body and soul with proper eating habits and wholesome foods!

Naver, Disney, and KidZania Are Working with Us!

  • on the Cartoon Network
  • on the Cartoon Network

The Wholesome Foods Campaign, which educates people about the importance of wholesome foods and proper eating habits, is a concerted effort involving multiple institutions and organizations. The Wholesome Foods Dance was co-developed with the Disney Channel. Junior Naver runs an Wholesome Foods corner where children can learn about proper eating habits through videos. With KidZania, an MBC-owned theme park that offers adult job experiences to children, Pulmuone also runs the Wholesome Foods School where fooducators, our wholesome foods teaching experts, provide lessons to children. In addition, the animation movie featuring the Wholesome Foods Song and Dance, with the popular Cartoon Network characters Finn and Jake, has been translated into Japanese, Chinese, and English to reach out to global viewers. What’s more, We Bear Bears, another group of cute characters featuring bear brothers on the Cartoon Network, will also meet our young friends through the 211 Diet Song.