LOHAS is an acronym for “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability,” and refers to conscious lifestyles mindful of health and sustainability.

“LOHAS is about loving people and nature.”

Pulmuone exemplifies the principles of LOHAS and aspires to achieve harmony between healthy people and a healthy environment by epitomizing love for our neighbors and respect for life embodied in the LOHAS philosophy. Reckless destruction of our ecosystem and ever worsening environmental pollution are threatening the sustainability of our global community, and it is time to ponder over what small steps we can take in our daily lives for the betterment of the next generation.

We at Pulmuone seek to promote healthy lifestyles that allow for coexistence with nature and to propose ways to enjoy sustainable living. As your interest in how we live and eat deepens, turn your eyes to the LOHAS Diet and LOHAS Living, as recommended by Pulmuone. LOHAS : Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability

Back in the days when food safety was a general concern, Pulmuone defined healthy foods as “ wholesome foods that can be eaten by the entire family with confidence.” Now, Pulmuone introduces the LOHAS Diet to our customers. The LOHAS Diet we recommend is a diet that not only makes us but also our planet healthier as we make fresh vegetables, proteins low in saturated fat, and coarse whole grains the main part of our meals, thereby reducing our carbon footprint as well. The LOHAS Diet, which is the next evolution of our wholesome foods, also serves as a pivot for Pulmuone’s product development and services.

당 흡수를 줄이는 지엘 다이어트
The LOHAS Diet can be realized by practicing the GL Diet (a diet that focuses on lowering glycemic load). Glycemic load (GL) is a measure of changes in blood glucose level after food consumption. The lower the GL of a food, the slower the rate of digestion and absorption. This means the food is less likely to raise blood sugar levels and cause the oversecretion of insulin, thereby helping to prevent obesity, metabolic syndrome, and other lifestyle-related diseases. What, then, shall we eat to practice the GL Diet? How and in what quantities shall we prepare our meals?

As a solution, we suggest the 211 Dietary Regimen which consists of three parts: 3 LOHAS Foods, 211 Nutritional Balance, and 5 Right Eating Habits. 3 LOHAS Foods categorizes three types of foods for nutritiously balanced meals. 211 Nutritional Balance is a scientific guideline, created through nutritional analysis, for optimal dietary proportions. Finally, 5 Right Eating Habits recommends five healthy habits for eating moderately and slowly as well as eating less salt and eating vegetables first, as these habits can reduce the absorption of sugar. Go ahead and join us now!
  • GL Diet to Reduce the Absorption of Sugar
  • Healthy and Sound LOHAS Meals

211 Dietary Regimen

LOHAS Dietary Guidelines

  • 1Eat a variety of foods.
  • 2Choose foods that are less processed.
  • 3Eat vegetables at every meal. Eat fruit and foods made of beans every day.
  • 4Eat less animal fat and fried food. Eat more fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids and nuts.
  • 5Eat less salt and drink plenty of water.
  • 6Carefully read the labels on processed foods. Choose ones that do not contain MSG, synthetic preservatives, or synthetic dyes.
  • 7If it is difficult to achieve nutritional balance in your diet, complement it with healthy food supplements.
  • 8Increase your activity level to maintain a healthy weight, and watch how much you eat.
  • 9Prepare only as much food as you need and enjoy it!
  • 10For your health and the sustainability of the Earth’s environment, eat less red meat, while paying more attention to organic foods and products that promote animal welfare.