Promotion Strategy

Pulmuone will make a great leap forward as the “Global No.1 LOHAS Company” through sustainability management.
A Basis for Pulmuone Sustainability Management Promotion, LOHAS Strategy

The basic principle for Pulmuone’s healthy growth and development is the realization of LOHAS value through products and services. In this regard, Pulmuone defines the business as “Pulmuone’s LOHAS,” and we our best to realize and spread this value.

Pulmuone Strategy Direction
  • Pulmuone value
    Love for neighbors, Respect for life
  • Mission
    A LOHAS company that cares for both humans and nature
  • Pulmuone LOHAS
    Commitment to the values that realize sustainability for earth and our health
    Healthy Routine
    • Make a conscious dietary habit to prevent disease and promote mood and energy through nutrient balance with natural taste and nutrition
    • Live a conscious lifestyle to prevent disease and extend healthy lifespan by caring for your body and residential environment, keeping them clean and pure
    • Enjoy a good social lifestyle through space services by which everyone can experience happy companionship among people and between people and nature
    • Make a conscious eco-friendly habit that minimizes the consumption of finite resources and pollutant emissions for the sake of the planet.
  • Brand Slogan
    For Me, For the Planet
  • LOHAS Strategic
    Wholesome foods (dietary habit)
    A conscious dietary habit that promotes the flavors of nature and nutritional balance
    Healthy life
    A conscious dietary habit that conserves natural resources and extends healthy lives
6 LOHAS Strategy

The core strategy for “Wholesome foods (dietary habit)” is focused on four strategies: Nutrition Balance, Animal Welfare, Plant-Forward.
The core strategy of the “Healthy Life” business, Pulmuone’s non-food lifestyle business, is focused on two strategies: Health & Hygiene and Wellness. In addition, the company adopted “Eco-friendly” as its environment strategy, which is a core element of Pulmuone’s brand spirit and mission that has been pursued since its foundation.

  • 1
    Nutrition Balance
    Achieve a balanced diet by reducing excess and complement shortages to adjust dietary imbalance caused from unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle disease
  • 2
    Animal Welfare
    Ensure animal welfare by treating livestock well, and reduce the harm and ecosystem degradation caused by industrial livestock practices
    Low GL
  • 3
    Minimize the use of animal meat (substitute with animal welfare-rated meat or eco-friendly marine products if necessary) and implement products and diets using sustainable, plant-oriented ingredients for the wellbeing of ourselves and the earth.
    Low GL
  • 4
    Health& Hygiene
    Prolong health-adjusted life expectancy by improving the hygiene of individuals and their living environment, as well as provide products /services that can help people build healthy and hygienic life habits
    Low GL
  • 5
    Offer integrated health and living solution services that support customers and enhance their quality of life, going beyond disease prevention and achieving a balance between body, mind, and social relations
    Low GL
  • 6
    Eliminate or minimize harmful factors across the business value chain, from sourcing to production, packaging/sales, to disposal, that impact the health of the ecosystem.
    Low GL