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Pulmuone, Korea’s leading company for wholesome foods, conducts business in a diverse range of areas, including functional foods, catering services, concession businesses, whole food distribution, mineral water, and fermented milk.

(주)풀무원Pulmuone Corporate
  • HQ Address
    730-27 Samyang-ro, Daeso-myun, Eumsung-gun, Choongbuk
  • Office Address
    280 Gwangpyeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Date of Establishment
    May 12, 1984
Pulmuone business and composition
  • 풀무원의 김치세계화 추진 전략01

    Food and beverage manufacturing distribution business

    Pulmuone is engaged in food and beverage business and food services provided through B to C or B to B channels in global regions such as Korea, America, China, and Japan by manufacturing and sourcing health-oriented fresh food and beverage category.

  • 풀무원의 김치세계화 추진 전략02

    Health & Living Solution Business

    Pulmuone creates solutions for healthy living, providing reasonable alternatives including not only products but also services.

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