Sustainable Food beneficial for
my body and the earth
LOHAS Foods reflect Pulmuone’s values of loving humans and nature.
LOHAS Foods, with caring mind for our health and nutrition as well as
the earth and its environment, is produced with sustainable ingredients
Types of LOHAS Foods
Pulmuone’s LOHAS foods promotes the use of plant-based ingredients, and in case of choosing
animal materials, Pulmuone prefers ones produced in facilities where animals are treated with dignity.
To maintain the nutrition-balance in our dietary lives, LOHAS foods strictly abide by the nutrition
management standards of Pulmuone
that aim to reduce the intake of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat.
LOHAS foods, manufactured safely and eco-friendly along the entire process including ingredient
procurement, production, and packaging, is classified into 4 categories by characteristics.
  • LOHAS-Plant
    LOHAS-Plant is a type of LOHAS foods processed with plant-based ingredients only, including beans, tofu, grains, vegetables, and fruits.
    LOHAS-Plant foods use plant-based ingredients with traceability that are produced in an eco-friendly manner, such as organic certified and GAP certified ingredients.
  • LOHAS-Plant Forward
    LOHAS-Plant-forward is a type of LOHAS foods processed with ample amounts of plant-based ingredients along with animal materials limited to a certain extent. Animal ingredients used for LOHAS-Plant-forward foods are ones that are originally certified and proved to contribute to the sustainability of marine ecosystem and the improvement of animal welfare.
  • LOHAS-Animal Welfare
    LOHAS-Animal Welfare is a type of LOHAS foods processed with animal ingredients that advocate the values of animal welfare.
    Ingredients used for LOHAS-Animal Welfare foods are those with animal welfare authentications and certifications from Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Marine Stewardship Council that ensure sustainable aquaculture and fishery.
  • LOHAS-Raw
    LOHAS-Raw is a type of LOHAS foods made by cleaning, cutting, and simple-processing wholesome agricultural and marine products that advocate the values of LOHAS. For its ingredients, LOHAS-Raw foods use sustainable, nutrition-balanced, and safe natural products that are organic, GAP-certified, animal welfare-oriented, and ASC- and MSC-certified.
Objective of LOHAS Foods
By using sustainable ingredients with certifications and pursuing eco-friendly manufacturing process,
Pulmuone LOHAS foods contribute to the health of humanity and the earth’s environment.
  • Extending the Use of Plant-based Ingredients
    Pulmuone extends its line of healthy plant-based foods to have positive effects on the health of both humanity and the earth’s environment. We minimize the use of animal-based ingredients to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conduct research on technologies to replace them with plant-based materials.
  • Using Sustainability Certified Ingredients
    Pulmuone promote the use of ingredients that are proved to contribute to the sustainability of humanity and the environment.
    By choosing more nature-oriented, traceable certified ingredients, we produce food products with our future environment in mind.
  • Nutrition and Safety of Foods
    Pulmuone practices nutrition balance by reducing the intake of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat while offering more dietary fiber, vitamin, mineral, and phytochemicals. Every product of Pulmuone is produced under a safe management system designed for humanity and the environment.
  • Eco-friendly Manufacturing Technologies
    Pulmuone introduces carbon positive technologies and facilities to minimize its negative impact on humanity and the environment. Every package of Pulmuone’s products is designed in accordance with its strict principles for eco-friendly packaging.