Sustainability Management

Pulmuone’s management activities to promote a sustainable society and healthy environment

We care about people and the natural environment. All of our products and services are created based on the LOHAS principle that seeks to promote the health of the individual, families and even the Earth’s environment.

Individuals effect changes, large and small, in society and the environment, but the impact of a company’s management activities on society and the environment is more direct and profound. Clearly recognizing this power, Pulmuone strives to minimize damage to the environment and to find ways to make society healthier. We know that we have a long way to go, but we will continue to strive to help realize a sustainable society and environment.
2015 Sustainable Management Performance

2016 Pulmuone Integrated Report is an honest record of our continuing efforts to realize sustainable management. Download

Additional Sustainable Management Reports and Annual Reports issued annually since 2006 are available in our archives.더보기