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  • 2019.11.22

Iron Chef Judy Joo Visits Pulmuone’s Kimchi Museum

◦ Korean American TV Chef Judy Joo tours Museum Kimchikan at Insa-dong to experience Korean kimchi making

◦ Pulmuone, an owner of US kimchi market leader brand Nasoya, plans to promote Korean original kimchi across the globe


SEOUL – Nov 22nd, 2019 – Pulmuone announced on 22nd that US celebrity chef Judy Joo visited Museum Kimchikan, the country’s first kimchi museum located in Insa-dong and run by Pulmuone dedicated to promoting the Korean traditional side dish worldwide for over 35 years, to experience Korean kimchi-making and film a kimchi documentary.



▲ US celebrity chef Judy Joo smiles during a kimchi-making class at Pulmuone's Museum Kimchikan



Judy Joo is a Korean-American executive chef, restaurateur and TV chef who won the UK version of Iron Chef in 2011 to become globally known as the first female to win the title in the UK. Influenced heavily by her background, she has constantly spread Korean food travelling and cooking all over the world, including the US and the UK. As a chef patron of Jinjuu, the Korean restaurant opened in London’s Soho in 2015, she has made a number of modern Korean fusion dishes by mashing together different cuisines and spices. She also hosts the Cooking Channel’s Korean Food Made Simple and is the author of the cookbook Korean Food Made Simple and Judy Joo’s Korean Soul Food.


After participating in the kimchi-making class which was conducted by a professional educator of the Museum, Ms. Joo filmed video recipes of kimchi fusion foods including Kimchi Tacos.


“I had so much fun today, and I learned a lot of things, including the history and health benefits of kimchi, through interactive elements in the exhibition halls,” said Judy Joo, after finishing the museum. “I think America is embracing kimchi more and more as kimchi is similar to pickles that never go missing in their food, and kimchi also mixes well with cuisines of various cultures. Nasoya Vegan Kimchi is not just a fantastic alternative for vegan population but also the best choice for non-vegan customers with its characteristic depth of flavor and quality.”


During her 5-day trip to South Korea from November 18th to 22nd, she is scheduled to appear on various programs related to kimchi, following her visit to Pulmuone’s Global Kimchi Plant located in Iksan, North Jeolla Province.


Judy Joo’s visit to South Korea was made as a part of Pulmuone’s efforts to raise awareness of the true value of kimchi as the Korean traditional food among US consumers. Pulmuone Foods USA, a US branch of Pulmuone, has made utmost efforts to meet with US customers and promote health benefits and merits of kimchi through media events, free tastings and online website www.nasoyakimchi.com  


As of August 2019, Pulmuone hold the largest market share at 40.4 percent of total kimchi sales in 10,000 US stores including the biggest retailers such as Walmart and Kroger, proving the competitiveness edge of Korean original kimchi.


Pulmuone is planning to take further efforts to expand in the US market and enter markets of China, Japan, etc. to maintain its global leadership position in kimchi industry.



▲ US celebrity chef Judy Joo learns kimchi-making at Pulmuone's Museum Kimchikan



▲ US celebrity chef Judy Joo introduces a recipe of Korean-Mexican fusion food Kimchi Tacos



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About Pulmuone Co., Ltd.

Pulmuone, Korea’s leading company for wholesome foods, conducts business in a wide variety of areas, including functional foods, meal services, concession businesses, whole food distribution, mineral water, and fermented milk.


Pulmuone first entered overseas markets in 1991 by establishing a subsidiary in the U.S. Now with additional subsidiaries in China and Japan, and as an owner of U.S.’s #1 tofu brand Nasoya, the company is growing into a global enterprise.


About Pulmuone’s Kimchi Museum Kimchikan

Pulmuone has provided major funding for the establishment and operation of the Museum Kimchikan, the nation’s first kimchi museum, since it opened in 1987. The museum has contributed to introducing tourists and visitors from around the world to kimchi, the Korean staple dish, and Kimjang, a culture of making and sharing kimchi which was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. The museum was also named one of the world’s 12 best food museums by Elle Decor, a U.S. global magazine, in 2017.


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