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Pulmuone Foods
  • 풀무원
    The representative wholesome foods brand that uses fresh, safe ingredients and minimal processing
    • TofuBean SproutsNatto
    • EggsSeafood
    • SaladMuesliHealthy Snacks
    • IceRiceCheese
  • 생가득
    Brand that focuses on simple meals with fresh ingredients to create unique dishes for your family
    • NoodlesDumplings
    • Tteok-bokki (Stir-Fried Rice Cakes)
    • Frozen RiceDumplings
    • Fresh SoupsDough Snacks
    • Western Food Sauces
    • Fried Tofu Rice BallsMini Rice Rolls
  • 찬마루
    Banchan (small side dishes served with rice) and seasonings for various main dishes made with quality ingredients to bring out the true flavors of a carefully prepared homemade meal
    • KimchiPicklingSide Dishes
    • soupFermented Pastes
    • SeasoningsNaturalseasoning
  • SOGA
    From raw materials to processing—Pulmuone guarantees all aspects of this reasonably priced brand.
    • TofuBean SproutsEggs
    • Frozen RiceFish Cakes
    • Dumplings
    • Rice Cakes & Noodles
  • I'm Real
    Not a single drop of water is added to these freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices!
    • Fresh Fruit JuicesYogurtsSmoothies
  • 스파클링 아일랜드
    Sparkling water made from Jeju lava seawater
    • Carbonated Water
  • 자연은 맛있다
    Non-fried and air-dried fresh ramyun
    • Fresh ramyun
  • 알래스칸특급
    Premium fish cakes made from 100% natural pollack meat from Alaskan waters
    • Fish Cakes
Pulmuone Organic Green Juice
  • Brand that delivers Fresh & Designed foods for a healthy lifestyle
  • Organic green juice that delivers natural nutrition from fresh fruits and vegetables every morning
  • Probiotics products specialized for Koreans' intestines
    • Plant Origin Lactic Acid Bacteria
    • Fermented Beverage
  • Foods for infants and toddlers that help build the foundation for lifelong health
  • Healthy and delicious specialty meals systematically designed for the Low GL Diet based on scientific nutritional analysis
    Brand that provides specialized products, food ingredients and services tailored to each phase of the customer lifecycle based on LOHAS values.
  • Food ingredients that embody five core values (healthy, safe, convenient, delicious, new)
    • TofuProcessed TofuJellyPickling
    • Side DishesKimchiNoodles
    • DumplingsBread & Rice Cakes
    • BeveragesDairy ProductsProcessed Meat
    • Processed SeafoodSauces
    • HMR(Home meal Replacement)
    • Cooking OilsSeasonings
    • Dried & Fresh SeaweedEggs
    • Fresh & Processed Seafood
  • Food ingredients tailored to infants and toddlers that allow for convenient easy feeding, safety and balanced nutrition
    • Pre-processed VegetablesFruitsGrains
    • Processed SeafoodProcessed MeatMeatEggs
    • BeveragesProcessed MeatBread & Rice CakesSeafood
  • Food ingredients tailored to seniors that are easy to chew and digest
    • Pre-processed VegetablesProcessed Meat ProductsRice Cakes
    • BeveragesSauces
  • Food ingredients for professional dining businesses that emphasize “convenience” and “taste”
    • DumplingsFried RiceSaucesNoodles
  • Specialized coffee brand, symbolizing “coffee, ready for you to enjoy anywhere”
    • Coffee BeansProcessed Coffee BeansCoffee Machines
    • Syrup SaucesOther Materials
Pulmuone U.S.A
  • Brand that supplies products from Pulmuone Foods such as ramyun, fresh noodles, and tofu to both mainstream and Asian food markets in the U.S.
    • TofuFresh NoodlesFresh RamyunKimchi
    • Fish CakesFried Tofu Rice BallsPicklingSeasoned Laver
    • SaucesDressingDumplingsGrains
    • Tteok-bokki (Stir-Fried Rice Cakes)Natto
  • Brand that supplies products such as organic tofu, meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, and soymilk to the Natural Market
    • TofuMeat AlternativesSoymilkSauces
  • Brand that supplies tofu as a meal ingredient to food and dining services
    • Tofu
  • Brand that supplies pasta, ready-to-eat meals, sauces, etc. to the mainstream market in the U.S.
    • PastasReady-to-eat MealsSauces
  • Brand that supplies sauce products to the Natural Market and the mainstream market in the U.S.
    • Sauces
  • Brand that supplies pesto, tapenade, and other high-end sauces to the Natural Market and the mainstream market in the U.S
    • Sauces
  • Brand that supplies affordably priced pastas to distribution channels in the U.S.
    • CheeseSaucesPastas
  • Brand that supplies organic tofu, Asian food products, etc. to the Natural Market and the mainstream market in the U.S.
    • TofuPastasAsian-style WrapsSauces
  • Brand that supplies reasonably priced tofu made from eco-friendly soybeans to the Natural Market and the mainstream market in the U.S.
    • Tofu
  • Brand that supplies tofu to Chinese and other Asian markets
    • Tofu
  • Representative soy protein brand in Japan that manufactures and supplies tofu and fried tofu products
    • TofuFried Tofu
Pumeiduo Foods Co., Ltd (China)
  • LOHAS fresh food brand that manufactures and distributes food such as noodles, rice cakes, kimchi, tofu, dumplings, sauces, and eggs.
    • NoodlesRice CakesKimchiTofuDumplings
    • Western Food SaucesSeasoningsEggs
    • Fresh Fruit JuicesSeasoned LaverLaver SnacksMilk
Pulmuone Waters
  • First-rate eco mineral water with freshness that comes from the deepest bedrock
    • Mineral Water
Danone Pulmuone
  • Company dedicated to yogurt products established by Pulmuone and Danone, the world’s No. 1 fermented milk products company
    • Yogurts